October Tea


 It would have been my grandma’s 111th birthday today and Constance is helping the Hitty Cupboard to celebrate! She is wearing a dress made from fabric and buttons given to me by my grandma when I first started sewing for dolls!

Tea Service

This lovely pressed tin tea service belonged to her…




…and she gave me this tiny china dollhouse doll.






Constance, Patience and Prissy are having a lovely tea party, and remembering a good, kind, generous lady…




…who is also responsible for introducing us to the book Hitty – Her First Hundred Years

…which resulted in my carving Hitty dolls…

…which resulted in this blog…






18 thoughts on “October Tea

  1. A big thank you to your Grandma. Where would we be without the Quimper ladies who came into being because of her?
    Mary Not-Quite-Hitty xx

  2. What a precious, loving and tender tribute to your dear Grandmother. Her loving presence lives on in your blog, and reaches out into all of our hearts who cherish you, your Hittys, and the wonderful talent of storytelling that you share with us. I am very thankful to her.

    • I do have very fond memories, my grandmother lived right next door, and later with us in our home…she taught me a lot about patience, creativity and other things… I was so lucky!

  3. ….which resulted in a myriad of friends here and there who have SO enjoyed the seeds your grandmother planted within the fertile (doll) soil of her grand-daughter. Happy Birthday, K’s Grandmother! We thank you.

  4. oh this is such a sweet posting. I also had a Grandma who was beloved and and who loved me. She sewed for my dolls and was so patient with me. Thank you for this reminder of another gracious and loving woman.

  5. The weather here is so stormy, with high winds, lashing rain and unseasonably high temperatures. As thunder rolls, I have stolen the laptop back from the Not-Quite-Hitty girls and spent three hours rereading some of your blog posts. How is it that I find some I’ve missed before, each time I look again? This time I came across the arrival of Carrot Soup….. I always wondered about her name!
    Thank you for a lovely morning in your company.
    J xxx

    • The blogs add up, don’t they?! I sometimes get lost in them too, when I hopscotch through. The dolls don’t change but the stories do! I am glad of their company, and glad you find them companionable too. Hopefully the weather will calm down soon!!

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