Sea Cave (Shipwreck 2)

Shipwreck (5)-2

In a sea cave Min and Agathe discovered an interesting object…..

1-Shipwreck (34)

…they decided it was a clue and prepared to dig!



1-Shipwreck (32)

Eventually they unearthed a buried sea chest, bound about with weathered ropes!



1-Shipwreck (28)What is inside??? They used the tools at hand as pry bars…



1-Shipwreck (23)

Oh my!




Treasure indeed!!!



18 thoughts on “Sea Cave (Shipwreck 2)

  1. Horrid Hetty Hickory has informed me that she wants to come live at YOUR house!! I have not been able to supply her with any skulls here on the farm!! What a great adventure. And such wonderful photos. Loving this big time!!

  2. Ay matey! Would that be a pirates’ chest of coral and amber? … and a skull thrown in for good measure?

    Well shiver me timbers!!

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