Summer Peas

Pile of Pods

Pile of Pods

A pile of pea pods from the market!

Peas in the pod


Perdita found it a bit overwhelming…



…but she set to work with a will…



…and soon had a pile of empty pods…

Peas - Sweet, and English

Peas – Sweet, and English

…and a bowl of fresh peas for dinner!


Happy first day of summer to our friends in the Northern Hemisphere, and best wishes for a joyful and productive winter to our friends South of the Equator!









18 thoughts on “Summer Peas

  1. How lovely – peas already.
    Ours aren’t even in flower yet. We can’t plant out until the end of may as we are prone to frosts until then.
    Meg and Roberta N-Q-H xxxx

    • Perdita is fond of her Tana Lawn dress – sadly it was not on sail! Luckily only a tiny bit is needed when making a Hitty dress! And also sadly, her sweet aroma has dissipated 😦

  2. I have a special love for Perdita. The light in these photos shows her beauty. She looks fully focused on popping out those sweet peas. Yum…I bet she can just taste them in her mind. The green color palette is perfect for her skin/wood tone. Just lovely.

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