Gingerbread 3



The gingerbread project has reached the next phase…



Agathe meassures

Agathe measures

Agathe is measuring spices!

Cardamom, Cloves, Cinnamon, Ginger

Cardamom, Cloves, Cinnamon, Ginger

They are beautiful!




But they make her sneeze!


Opal Mixes

Opal Mixes

… Opal does the mixing…




Now they have to chill the dough for at least three hours, so it can be rolled – sigh.  This is not their favourite part of cooking.




14 thoughts on “Gingerbread 3

    • I bet your house smelled as delicious as ours did! Always a big clean-up job when the Hittys get baking in this house, the human is sometimes hard-put to find a clean spot to rest the camera!

  1. Very domestic and inviting scenes you’ve given us from the Quimper doll kitchen. Would you be so kind as to elucidate me on what is in that little rectangular tin (and also what it’s labeled) with the little Alsatian girl on it? levore chimique? Being partial to that part of the world, I’m curious. Thanks!

    • That little tin is the levure chimique (baking powder!) It was part of a set from re-ment, as was the farine. The girls are glad to have a few Hitty-sized containers, it is much easier for them to deal with the smaller proportions!

  2. I love all the accessories!! The Hittys have a beautifully equipped kitchen. I can sympathize with the girls having to wait. We made dozens of sugar cookies that also required this cooling down period!! Good luck with the ginger bread. oh yes…I want to say again I LOVE LOVE their pinafore aprons.

    • An amazing discovery in a junk store! To think, I almost walked out without it, because it seemed expensive for ‘junk’, but when I got to the counter, they were taking 50% off everything in the store!

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