Carrot Soup Done

Carrot Peeking

Carrot Peeking

Here is Carrot Soup, finished at last.



Tatty is always happy to welcome a cheerful new friend to the Hitty cupboard.

Garden Carrot

Garden Carrot

Carrot soup has reddish, though not carrot coloured hair and green boots. She wants a different dress – this is fuzzy, warm,  and autumnal, but it has sunflowers on it.  In the meantime, our neighbours picked her a carrot from their very own garden!

Carrot Soup was carved by me from a Paulownia wood blank, except that her feet split off while carving, so they were replaced with yellow cedar…she is impish and cheerful, and seems to like being our Christmas Angel.




24 thoughts on “Carrot Soup Done

  1. Welcome Carrot Soup!!!! Another ray of sunshine into the Cupboard and our lives. That smile will make any day better for all! Bisous from all the girls in Sutton!

  2. If she stands on her head, she will look just like a carrot! Green on top and orange below. I think any doll who pleads for green hair from the outset is going to be quite lively! 😊😊😊

    • The neighbours planted “round” carrots ! I can’t believe they are still getting fresh carrots from the garden, but glad to be the beneficiaries of their great good luck. I think Carrot Soup, being named after a root vegetable is inclined toward earth tones in her clothing, but will not get up to anything too radicle.

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