October Pinniped



Opal and Agathe are always game for a trip to the beach, but Constance wanted to stay behind to read her favourite nonsense rhyme, which involves a pinniped and a woodcrafter!



So the Block sisters went on their own, and had a great time playing at the beach…

Climbing Driftwood

Climbing Driftwood

climbing around and about…



…and watching the shorebirds eating crustaceans.



The girls were thrilled to find a lost and mournful walrus on the rocks…



and encouraged him to follow them home…

Almost there

Almost there

…they persevered, hoping that Constance would approve of their new pet.

Present for Constance

Problem for Constance

The girls were extremely please with themselves.



Constance was nonplussed!




The block sisters dressed up to entertain the walrus, and kept him fed while Constance phoned the Federal Marine Mammal Response Team.

Click here for an astonishing recording of Walrus sounds, including their beautiful bell-like chimes…you have to click on the little bar below the photo to get the sound to run.

Click here for the Alaska walrus-cam website – it is not live at the moment, but you can watch re-runs!


15 thoughts on “October Pinniped

  1. I suspect that this fellow took himself south after the Alaska Walrus-Cam was turned off for the season. Perhaps he requires more of the lime-light? Maybe he needs an agent. Does Constance have any contacts in Hollywood? (Always fun to see what comes ashore in your neighborhood!)

  2. Constance appears somewhat bemused but as always she is practical and knows just what to do! The block sisters are simply a hoot! Such an adorable pair…and oh my they do look pleased with themselves.

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