Roses in October

Rose Hip Thicket

Rose Hip Thicket

Rose and I walked home from work yesterday in the cool air of an October evening. We couldn’t help noticing that most of the plants are in the process of losing the leaves and petals of summer. These lovely rose hips are surrounded by leaves that are changing to gold and bronze – Autumn colours are all around…


Splash of Colour Roses

Splash of Colour Roses

But not everywhere! We saw brave and pretty roses in people’s gardens all the way home, some large, exotic and showy…


Fence Post Roses

Fence Post Roses

…and some little hopeful buds.


Pale Lovely Roses

Pale Lovely Roses

These are Rose’s favourite roses…


Picket Fence Roses

Picket Fence Roses

Or maybe these ones are…



14 thoughts on “Roses in October

    • Thanks! A friend gave me a piece of the roses on liberty lawn, it is Rose’s favourite summer dress…another friend gave me the pink yarn – There is a shawl for Rose and another for Constance!

  1. Rose looks adorable in her pink rose dress and pink shawl–just perfect for enjoying the last blooming roses of the season!

  2. It has been a very strange October for the vegetation on Salt Spring Island – so warm and sunny that the nettles started growing as if it were spring, and I’ve had lots of nettle tea, and made concentrated nettle compost tea for the vegetables, which have also restarted after the drought of summer – I have just harvested eleven new zucchinis from one plant! A lot of green tomatoes also began but I don’t see them being able to make it to redness – this past week when the sun shone it was after a chilly night reaching 8 degrees (Celcius) by 9:00am, after a week of cloudy days reaching 14 degrees by 9:00am.

    I too was much taken by Rose amid the roses, and her sweet dress made even lovelier by the autumnal lace shawl.
    Thank you so much, Rose, for taking your Hitty human on this rosy walk for all of us to share.

  3. Love the roses and those beautiful rose hips….and of course your own lovely Rose in her beautiful shawl. Wonderful photos.

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