Catkin Sweater



Amelia has put away her beautiful embroidered coat till next winter…and just this week,  a sweet bonnet and matching bag arrived in the mail.  So Amelia brought Rose the catkin yarn and a request for a matching sweater.



Rose was game to try the new pattern – we love the shimmering colours in this mohair and silk Lang Luxe yarn!

Sweater and accessories

Sweater and accessories

Amelia thinks Rose is a knitting genius!

Thanks very much to one of our Hitty friends who made the wonderful bonnet and purse, and to another who provided the pattern for the raglan cardigan…I think Rose is going to be busy knitting for some time to come!

10 thoughts on “Catkin Sweater

  1. Rose (and the Quimper human) are indeed knitting marvels! That sweater is gorgeous…so stylish and warm looking. Amelia is quite the fashion plate.

  2. Amelia is right: Rose is a knitting genius…guess the Quimper human taught her well!!!! And the bonnet and purse are superb too!!! Gosh….soooooooo much talent in the Hitty community!!!! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Your Hitty friend has sent you very lovely gifts and you have set them off with that beautiful sweater. Thanks for the feast!

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