Duck Pond

Duck Pond

Amelia and I went for a walk at lunchtime and admired many forms of Ice! The ducks were not all that enthusiastic about the sheet of ice on their frozen pond.



  The tiny columns of frost lifted leaves right off the path!



These stalactites of ice made Amelia feel very cold…

Frozen fountain

Frozen fountain

…even though the frozen fountain was beautiful!

Ice fumarole

Ice fumarole

Fumaroles are Amelia’s second favourite form of ice…


Ice Candle

Ice Candle

…Ice candles are the best!


18 thoughts on “Ice

  1. As always so beautiful. Fascinated me. Thank you, by the way, I changed my blog to private, if you wish you can make a request, be sure I would be so glad. I sent an invitation to all my blogger friends through word press but as I noticed that most of them didn’t catch by the bloggers. So I make a not for this. Please let me, Thank you, Love, nia

  2. You are a “fountain” of unique and interesting marvels. I’ve never heard of fumaroles. Thank heavens for Wikipedia.
    These photos are “National Geo “beautiful. Your sweet Hitty’s make them surpass Nat Geo in my mind.
    Please forgive my naiveté… but was that last photo actually ice that you put a light inside of? Or a candle that looked like ice??? No matter which one is the answer…you are soooooooooo creative. I’ve said, in the past that my next life, I want to reincarnate with you as a friend and playmate. Sooooo much fun.

  3. Sure looks COLD!!!!! Sending warm hugs from our local coffee shop!!! Warm in here and coffee’s HOT…but that’s inside. If we had a fountain, it would be frozen too….well below 0C!

    • It is very cold for this part of the world – we rarely have a prolonged cold like this! I got a chai latte to hold in my hand when I was walking around at lunchtime…it was very warm and sweet, a good antidote to the chill!!

  4. This is a most lovely post. When you have flowers, you make a bouquet, when you have ice, you make beautiful photos of it and give us interesting words too. What a lovely blog you continue to generate to us. Thank you.

    • We don’t usually get long cold snaps so the fountains are usually on all winter, the one with stalactites is still burbling away at the top, and one with fumaroles still shooting water skyward! They are pretty amazing! Both also have huge slicks of ice, and “Danger” tape surrounding them!

  5. wow, what great photos. Especially liked the leaf being lifted! I think Amelia could use a nice warm coat and bonnet…heh heh…she needs to visit me!!

    • I liked that picture too, though I am not totally satisfied with it – doesn’t quite show what I thought I saw, but still, Amelia liked it enough to request its inclusion in this post!
      You know, Amelia could use a new winter coat, methinks! Especially one as amazing as the ones you make! Perhaps we could come to some arrangement…

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