Quimper Spring



Some of the Hittys skipped outside into the light rain to admire the blooming mini daffodils…(a Friday Bouquet outside)


Plum Blossom

Plum Blossom

…and found the first Plum Tree blossom…




…and the brand new Quince tree!



Flower, Butterfly, Star, and Crown Cookies

Meanwhile back inside, the Quimper Hitty human made cookies with the youngest member of the family,


Golden Crown for the Queen of Spring


…and we gave a Golden Crown for the Queen of Spring cooky to the spring adventurers!

7 thoughts on “Quimper Spring

  1. Oh…. such beautiful cookies- too pretty to eat! And, the flowers… lovely…. and the dear little embroidered and beaded bag! Thank you for sharing your springtime. We are still slogging through winter here.

  2. I see the youngest member of the family has a talent for cookie decorating. They look scrumptious. I see that Spring is pushing forth in B.C. We all welcome Springtime…weather…flowers…fresh air…and outdoor activity. Yeah Spring!!!!

  3. The cookies are so pretty! My favorite cookie of all time…iced sugar cookies. And I can imagine the youngest member was no end of help with this! Loving the photos of your girls out with the flowers.

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