Warm Coat

Photos and Plans!

A friend of the Quimper Hitty human once lived in the far north of Canada. The friend heard that I was planning to take Constance on a little jaunt to her homeland, and thought I should make a specially warm coat.  A pattern and some photos appeared in our mailbox…




A Pattern

…which of course that meant that I had to try the pattern!!!




Constance came running with pieces of felt, fur and narrow braid…




…which were snipped, and stitched – mostly following directions…



I think she needs mittens

…and now Constance has a specially warm coat for our little jaunt to the far North!

Click here to read an interesting article about a similar parka worn by generations of little girls in the Yukon. The last picture in the article shows five parkas, one of them very similar to Constance’s!




21 thoughts on “Warm Coat

  1. Coming prepared is a definite plus!!! Especially when you travel to somewhat remote areas and extreme conditions! Looks like your vast travel experience will serve you, Constance…and the human! Wish I could snuck in one of those pockets!!!!

  2. You’ve made a beautiful coat from the thoughtful, gifted pattern from your friend. Constance looks very elegant in the coat. Does the human’s coat match? May you have a wonderful journey.

    • The favourite photographer and I share just one down jacket between us, so it is a problem when we go somewhere cold together! Fortunately I have a friend who worked in Antarctica for two seasons, and I have borrowed her jacket!
      Alas that the friend with the genuine “Yukon Parka” is a very small person, and so hers was not suitable 🙁

  3. It is a magical little coat for a magical little doll, made by a VERY magical human! I hope you have a magical journey! And, by the way, I love Constance’s lovely knitted dress. Did you knit it for her or was it a happy find?

  4. Constance is a well traveled Hitty, her parka is perfect in every detail, love the fur pompoms on the end of the ties. She can keep her hands in the pockets or felt mittens? Hope you have a similarly warm coat, safe travels.

  5. oh my…that is really rather special. you know my obsession with felt coats….I think one of my girls needs something like this….Do you mind if I copy??

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