Luisa Miller


Constance traveled in my pocket to The Star Cinema in Sidney, for the Metropolitan Opera’s live in HD broadcast of Luisa Miller, composed by Giuseppe Verdi.

Placido Domingo was the old-soldier Miller; with a beautiful young daughter Luisa; who is in love with a mysterious young man Rodolpho; who is actually the son of the count Walter; who wants Rodolpho to marry Federica; while the evil Wurm forces Luisa to write a fatal letter;  and three people know the terrible secret about how the count murdered his cousin to seize the countship.

The end is melodiously unhappy – and includes death by suicide (Rodolpho), murder (of Luisa by Rodolpho), a last-minute stabbing (by Rodolpho of Wurm); and much heart-wrenching singing about ungratefulness of children (by the count) and incomprehension of this result (by Miller).

The frantic romantic machinations were not at all realistic, it isn’t really wise to view any 19th century opera with 21st century expectations – Constance has pretty much given up trying. It was enough to feel the music in her xylems and phloems, and let the sensations wash over her, the music carrying her away from the tribulations of the moment. The singing was stupendous, and we liked the costumes, especially Luisa’s many lovely shawls!

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Constance borrowed a knitted shawl and wore dark Opera Dress, perfect for a tragedy which ends with bodies all over the stage! The black cat thinks it may have just all been bad luck leftover from yesterday (Friday the 13th).



13 thoughts on “Luisa Miller

  1. Constance is dressed elegantly for the Opera, and her Opera Chair is luxurious. I didn’t see the black cat (similar to our Midnight) until after reading that he is there in the photo. He’s almost invisible! I think black cats like to be that way, anyway!
    Hitty Jan

  2. Once again, Constance and you enlighten us about obscure (to those of us w/out operatic knowledge) operas…and yet bring us “home” with cozy chairs, cats and shawls. Thank you both!

  3. There is some blue yummy-ness in that photo, Constance! The sash, in particular. Thank you for the synopsis. Though we like to believe we are peaceful folk, there is something entirely satisfying about a stage littered with bodies…

  4. I’ve tried to develop an appreciation for Opera but alas it eludes me…however your varied and beautiful opera dresses along with your explanation of the opera you attended makes it fun…even for me.

    • Well, it isn’t a test of culture or anything, I think some people (and Hittys) are moved by that style of music, and some not. Constance likes it, but none of the rest of my Hittys will have anything to do with opera, and then there is Mungo with his bagpipes…

  5. My first try to comment left message ” your comment is awaiting moderation.” don’t know if it went through so I resent it.

  6. HOw lovely of Constance and her human to bring a modicum of sanity to the opera. Constance looks quite sophisticated in her dark frock with the beautiful shawl and of course her music (or lap) loving feline.

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