Pearl Grey Silk

It's Getting Dark

It’s Getting Dark

Mary Ann is modeling an ensemble I made for a friend, which is based on an outfit worn by the fictional Hitty in the book Hitty – Her First Hundred Years.

Off To Bed

Off To Bed

In the story, Hitty is delighted to have a “Pearl Grey Silk, made in true Quaker fashion, with a fine white fichu crossed in front, lawn cap, and all for First Day …”

I bought silk lining fabric to make the dress, but the dress bodice lining, fichu and cap are made with one of the pretty hankies in the Box of Treasure sent to the Quimper Hittys by a friend, (click this link to see her blog).


Good Night Mary Ann

Good Night Mary Ann

I love the way the outfit turned out.  Mary Ann is happy for it to go to a friend, but has a little wistful hope that I can make another similar for her….

For other things made with the Box of Treasure, Click here.



15 thoughts on “Pearl Grey Silk

  1. This outfit is soooo beautiful, Mary Ann and creator of this loveliness. Thank you for sharing it…and the photography is just sumptious.

  2. Mary Ann looks so perfect in this Quaker outfit. I think you will indeed need to make another….that bonnet is precious and your use of the vintage linens is perfect. Lovely photos.

  3. Absolutely beautiful, and Mary Ann is the perfect model. She’s such a sweetie to share with a friend, so I am sure you will reward with one of her own! Love your stories and photos!

    • Thank you – it is always fun to sew for a Hitty. They are all very obliging and grateful for whatever result. Mary Ann would love her own pearl-grey silk outfit…so much sewing to do and so many possibilities!

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