Rocking Horse Fun



Carrot Soup and Constance came to work with me…

Constance sat in her usual chair on top of the filing cabinet, and I dug out an old rocking horse for Carrot Soup to ride on.  They kept themselves amused all day!




16 thoughts on “Rocking Horse Fun

  1. No office work for Carrot Soup….She is more of a rocker! On the other hand, Constance seems calm and collected…for this occasion. Lovely photo!

    • I like taking them to work with me, and am glad they keep themselves busy there. One of my students created a little Art Gallery for the Hittys which also lives on top of the filing cabinet, and they sometimes wander about in there looking at the installations…

  2. Ahhhh, Carrot having a bit of an adventure at work with you…and of course dear Constance keeping a serene and patient eye on the little imp. Love seeing them together!

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