Clouds of Flowers


Carrot Soup and Gilly walked home through a forest of Fawn Lilies…




…and a cloud of Cherry Blossoms…




… and a constellation of Star Magnolia!!






8 thoughts on “Clouds of Flowers

  1. I love Mad for the Farthing Crowd’s comment. Your pocket couldn’t hold the number of us who want to be in it.
    I am so glad to see precious Gilly out and about. She is just darling to me.
    I don’t think I will ever view star magnolia’s the same again…they do look like constellations.

    • I wish you could all visit as humans with Hittys in your pockets, and we could have tea and take our Hittys to my favourite places, and have sleepovers in St Denis!
      Gilly loves getting out and about, she is so small she needs a friendly minder to keep track!

  2. Thanks for sharing with us who are freezing and being blustered about…it’s so hopeful and beautiful…especially with Hittys portrayed!

    • We are so lucky to live on the West coast, where we have had a lot of dim grey days and tiresome rain, but slightly warming days, and the spring flowers are very encouraging.

  3. What gorgeous photos. The HIttys are so pretty and the flowers are amazing. Winter is making a small return engagement here so your photos are quite welcome.

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