Tansy’s View


Tansy enjoyed her morning cup of tea on the porch railing before work…




…the view was constantly changing – sometimes peaceful and still…




…and sometimes not peaceful at all!




No tea on the porch today – Tansy was stuck inside on the days that the wind was blowing up to 65 knots (120 km/hr)…




…the spray from waves breaking over Flat Rock was 200 feet high!




The storm eventually blew out leaving a rainbow on Flat Rock.




Moonrise over calmer seas…

10 thoughts on “Tansy’s View

  1. Each photo is a masterpiece of art. Seriously beautiful. Viewing these magnificent photos is a wonderful way for me to start this day. Thank You Tansy, Favorite photographer and Quimper human for sharing them with us.

  2. such dramatic weather …so happy that Tansy did not try to tempt fate by venturing out in to those high winds. Could have been like poor Dorothy in the wizard of Oz…..

    • True enough! Tansy was glad to be confined to quarters on those stormy days, a very small doll could be blown quite some distance in a wind like that, and had no desire to emulate Dorothy!

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