Wash on Monday

Wash Board

Jane washes on Monday – which used to be a lot of work with a scrub board…



Modern Laundry!

…but is much less so now that her Little Miss washing machine has been repaired!




The unmentionables are hung up to dry on the indoor clothes line…




…but for lovely scented sheets, Jane drapes them over the Rosemary plant!





8 thoughts on “Wash on Monday

  1. Leave it to Jane to come up with the great idea to hang sheets over the rosemary plant. She gives me the incentive to hang out my sheets also.

    • I love hanging things out on the washing line – the clothes and sheets feel and smell so nice when dried in the fresh air. We learned about the rosemary-infused clothes-drying idea when we lived in England, and Jane thinks it is a very good trick!

  2. Jane has such character. I’m glad she also has the machine repaired. While the humming scrub board is amazing, now she can just hang it up as art, unless at times she nostalgically wants to use it. And apparently we all need to grow more spice bushes.

    • A good friend gave us the washboard – it has proven invaluable for those times when the washer is out of service (this time it needed a new copper wire-with-insulation crank-handle, a shoe-button top knob and a safety-pin to hold everything together! I recommend the Rosemary-drying method for sheets, or for pillowcases if your Rosemary bushes are not big enough!

  3. Ah, Jane…the sheet will have such a refreshing smell from the rosemary bush and the undies will have maintained their modesty due to your thoughtfulness. How sweet to see such home duties done so beautifully and creatively. I especially enjoyed the jaunts of the undies on the line.

  4. The washing machine is wonderful! What a labor saver for dear Jane. I love drying my sheets on the clothes line outside but the rosemary bush drying beats that!

    • We love the little washer, and were all happy to help Jane out with a device that leaves her more time. With any luck she might decide to spend it baking delicious treats in the kitchen. And then of course, tasting her treats along with a mug of some refreshing liquid!

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