The Rain rained so hard for the last few days, our province suffered mudslides, power outages, whole town evacuations, road closures, basements under water, farms struggling to save their animals, and exhaustion…The Quimper Hittys and their humans feel very lucky that we are all warm, dry and safe…




…though the puddles are huge, we don’t have a basement to flood like some of our neighbours do.




…the back garden is awash, thank goodness for rubber boots!




We turned on the Christmas lights just to cheer ourselves up a bit!




We have never seen it rain this much…we feel sad for the people and other beings who are suffering, and hope they will find help and love.



Hot Chocolate

…Jane made hot chocolate to warm us up!



20 thoughts on “Rain

  1. I am so glad that you are safe, warm and able to carry on. I am really concerned about friends and family members and how they are doing through this crisis. Also concerned about what the long term impact of this is going to be…. challenging times! In the meantime, shovelling mountains of snow that the storm has brought with it over the mountains.

    • The small wooden girls are glad to find small positive things, like hot chocolate and Christmas lights! The rain was unbelievable – the description of being in an atmospheric river was very apt!

  2. WE are so glad Quimperland is safe and dry. Your Province is in our prayers. We had the very same experience her in the Eastern U.S. Unprecedented, storms with torrential rains and tornadoes ( that we never get} that destroyed whole neighborhoods. We spent an evening in the bathtub with a mattress over our heads with our dog for hours. We were lucky…it missed our street.

  3. Oh, I too am so glad you are safe and dry (and filled with hot chocolate). The exhaustion that folks feel is so very sad to me. Thank you for bringing cheer despite the hardships that surround you. Seeing the red gate gave me cheer.

    • I have never experienced a real monsoon, but it certainly felt overwhelmingly challenging. This area is considered a rainforest, but this was way too much all at once. The entire historical amount of monthly rainfall in two days…and the month is only half over!

  4. Oh dear, your province too?
    We have had almost 7 weeks of not torrential, but substantial rain without cease and many people and animals are struggling with floods. Luckily for us, we are safe and snug at home, knowing our sheep, hens and donkey are all warm in the barn.
    Thinking of any humans, animals or small dolls who have to face weather related difficulties, wherever in the world they may be.

    • We normally get the unceasing rain, and our forests and mountains and human structures cope, but all this rain all at once has just been too much. I am so glad your sheep, hens, donkey and humans are warm in your part of the world! I also have been thinking of the ones who are dealing more directly with all this.

  5. Oh, dear. So glad to hear you’re safe and dry. We’ve had rain here, but not that bad. This morning the temps have dropped from mid 60F’s to 38F. Brrr. Annnd, it’s still raining. Not as windy as yesterday. Yesterday’s wind destroyed my scarecrow and launched my potted mum down the street to the neighbor’s garden. It will be a good day to stay in and work on a ball gown for the barbie I’m donating for Christmas. I always make a few extra outfits for any doll I donate. I know what it’s like to not have anything.

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