Warm Toes


buried feet

The Quimper Hittys are finding ways to mitigate the darkening days and chills of November…Arianell jumped right into my knitting and cosied up with the merino-silk yarn, wishing for a cat to keep her company…



Socks and slippers

…but the felt cat was busy inspecting socks and slippers…




…and most of the of the other Hitty kittys were snuggled in a basket with a quilt and pillow…




…but the luckiest cat of all gets to occupy the mat in front of the wood stove.



18 thoughts on “Warm Toes

  1. Quimperland has a wonderful clouder of cats. Each one is adorable. love the socks and slippers. It’s chilly here also. We are snuggled up under warm blankets in our chairs. Our Hittys have on their warm clothes too.

    • There is only one cat in the human household, and she is not very cuddly – more like “Toothless” in How to train your Dragon…however the Hitty’s cats enjoy having a clowder of cuddly cats in the cupboard!

  2. I had no idea how much I had missed in the wonderful, old-fashioned and cosy Quimper Hitty world during my long days of dolls-in-storage-and-no-internet!
    As always, this post is an absolute delight. Everything, from warm, wool clad toes to cats on mats has warmed me up on our first frosty morning when, somehow, the has boiler turned itself off and won’t relight!
    I quite agree, Felt Cat, those moccasin socks are very interesting. Someone in the Hitty cupboard is very industrious in sock making. Was it you, Arianell?

    • Arianell hasn’t perfected her knitting technique, though she is practicing. Rose is the one who manages the sock-production in the Hitty cupboard – luckily, because they all seem to need socks at about the same time that I need to focus on Christmas gifts!

      • Ah, so Arianell is new to knitting still. But with Rose there to guide her, she is certain to be very skilled after a lot of practice.

  3. There are times when I miss cold weather. Not many, but times like this, when I see cosiness. I miss pullovers and shawls and coats and woollen socks and mittens and scarves and warm petticoats and woollen skirts. Maybe it’s not the weather so much as the pretty warm clothes!

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