Iceland Saga VI

Trail Mix.

On their last day Hiking, Constance and Min were glad of an energy-restoring break on the way up Gjátindur Mountain.

View from Gjátindur.

From the top of Gjátindur,  because it was a super clear day, we could see seven glaciers. In this picture you see Mýrdalsjökul at the centre left horizon, and behind it Eyjafjallajökull.  In the middle distance, and below us on the left is the spectacular dry chasm of Eldgjá.  In the middle distance on the right is the gorgeous blue river that tumbles over the edge of the chasm into the double waterfall of Ófærufoss.



Bright Red Lava.

We climbed down into the valley and walked along it to the end.  Constance and Min got a good close look at one of the red lava boulders that is sprinkled around at the bottom of the Eldgjá (which means “Fire Canyon”). This canyon was created  during a massive eruption under Mýrdalsjökul in 934 CE.  The lack of shade and water in this part of the fire Canyon, the red rocks, and the Icelandic sweaters made us hot.  Thinking about the volcanic origin of the Fire Canyon heated us up even more!



The glorious Ófærufoss.

The cool spray of Ófærufoss was very welcome and refreshing, and sound of thundering water drummed it’s way into two little wooden hearts!



Clear cool delicious Icelandic Water.

The landscape was constantly changing and always amazing.  The water in the cool streams always tasted delicious. After walking all day we rejoined the Skafta River, and eventually came to the huts at Holaskjol.



Cosy Hat Sleeping Bag for Hittys.

All the huts we stayed in were delightful and tidy, with a gas stove, and a toilet shed nearby.  This last one was even more glorious as it had an actual shower!  Min and Constance enjoyed the trek very much and slept like logs on the last night, despite the surrounding celebrations. Thank you to Útivist for a great hike that was one of the highlights of our trip to Iceland.



6 thoughts on “Iceland Saga VI

  1. The country is breathaking! I have never seen anything like it. On the other hand, I’m glad there’s not a spelling test at the end!

    • There are 32 letters in the Icelandic alphabet! On the other hand they don’t have the letter c, and they abolished “z” in 1973. I am glad you like the views, we were happy to get to some different places in the interior.

  2. I am amazed and speechless here today with your post. What a beautiful and stunning place! I’ve always wanted to visit, but now after seeing your posts from your trip here I can honestly say that we now feel compelled to find a way!

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