Iceland Saga VII

Not Lost.

Constance really enjoyed looking at the plants in Iceland.  Several Icelanders told us this joke: If you are lost in the forest in Iceland, just stand up! This picture shows Constance in a Birch forest near Hoffelsjökull.

A Sheep-free Forest

There are a few wooded areas where the sheep haven’t shortened the forest…this one is in Þórsmörk, a lovely valley that several Icelanders told us was the most beautiful place in Iceland.




This was probably Constance and Min’s favourite moment on the Sveinstindur Hike!



A Hitty-sized Garden.

Constance sat here a while.  She loved the small scale of the plants in Iceland.



View from the Hitty Garden.

She also liked the view from this particular clump of flowers – it was at the edge of a cliff next to the snout of Hoffelsjökull, near the town of Höfn.



Cotton Grass.

Min Thinks Cotton Grass is the best plant ever!



14 thoughts on “Iceland Saga VII

  1. These are all great photos, but the last one is my favourite – its as if the plants have trapped some low flying clouds and are holding them up in the wind for fun.

  2. All along when my family said I was stubborn as a mule, I was really thinking more like a baby goat (you and I are like peas in a pod Qimper Hitty). Although my dolls have never visited Iceland, they sneak into many of my sewing and millinery photos. I love the variety of your Hittys, and most of all their great sweaters! Beautiful photography!

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