Storm Watching

Storm Watching

Storm Watching

The first of the autumn storms has arrived… the girls got out their raingear again and went down to watch the wild weather from the rocky foreshore.



St of Juan de Fuca

St of Juan de Fuca

What a tempest!


Thanks to the Quimper Hitty’s favourite photographer for the amazing pictures!

14 thoughts on “Storm Watching

  1. Wow! Such wild waves- how brave of the the HIttys and their humans to venture so near the shore during the storm! Hope you all had a lovely cup of tea to warm the cockles of your hearts once you were safe and warm at your own hearth 🙂

    • The tide was coming in!!! I did snatch the Hittys away towards the end of the photo shoot – a big curling green foamy wave was headed for the rocks and made us just a wee bit anxious!

    • It was quite the storm, but they were perfectly safe, really…there were one or two nearby slurps, but I was watching them very closely! I really like the effect of a long exposure, all that boiling water and salty Sea-spray!

  2. Brrrrrr! Makes me glad I’m not out there in a little boat – as I have been so many times in the past… but not usually in THAT sort of weather!

    • It was a nasty storm, but it is always so interesting to see what the ocean and the clouds are doing! It wasn’t raining at that moment, though we got wet and salty from the spray, I’ll tell the photographer you liked the pictures!

    • You may get to see a lot more of it – ’tis the season for raingear! The Quimper Hitty’s favourite photographer was a good sport to go out in the nasty weather on behalf of the dollys!

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