Iceland Saga V

Skafta River Edge.

On the second day of the trek, Constance stopped to admire the black sand and red lava by the edge of the Skafta River.

Beautiful Lake near Uxatindur

After eating lunch here, we walked up the cinder and ash valley visible at the other end of the lake.



Cinder Slopes

This little valley is said to be inhabited by the hidden people…



Anyone in here?

Min and Constance check out a small cave.



Fairy Ring of Cottongrass

We spent the second night in the valley near this elf house.  Constance and Min went exploring around in the lava formations at the edges of the valley.



Lava Cave.

The hidden people are very secretive.  Constance and Min aren’t saying whether they happened to meet any of them!


14 thoughts on “Iceland Saga V

  1. Ooooh! Footprints in the black sand, blue lake, fairy ring, elf house–it’s all just spectacular! We can’t wait to see MORE!!

    • It was truly magical…the Icelanders kept pointing out rocks that were trolls caught in the sunlight and elf houses, and telling stories about the Jule Lads that would curl your toes…the border between the states of what we call magic and reality seems extremely blurry there.

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