Rigoletto unchained

Studying the Opera Guide

Studying the Opera Guide

Constance is having an intensely Operatic weekend. This morning we trotted up to Sidney’s Star Cinema, for the Metropolitan Opera’s Live in HD presentation of Rigoletto. It was a spectacular production set in a 1960’s Las Vegas Casino – a very amusing setting for a very tragic story.

It was not a performance for the faint of heart, or the staid…peppered with cabaret dancers, striptease artists, neon signs, and Gilda gasping (warbling) her last breath in the trunk of a vintage Cadillac. We enjoyed the whole thing and especially liked the evil Sparafucile, as he slicked back his greasy hair.  More Opera tomorrow!



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4 thoughts on “Rigoletto unchained

  1. I wish they would redo this Opera in Las Vegas. Would love to watch it. Have seen other plays and operas with cabaret dancers and striptease artists. Constance is strong and she could easily deal with Gilda’s tragic ending and Sparafucile. What a lucky little hitty to be able see these Operas.

    • I think performance art looks like so much fun, though I know it is a h*ll of a lot of work to make it look like that! Especially Opera – so many things going on at once, the human mind boggles,and makes even the tiny little wooden heads spin.

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