Cinnamon Buns, Quick!

Buns for Hittys_

The Quimper Hittys nearly forgot that today is National Cinnamon Bun Day. Which meant they had to come up with a quick plan to get some made in time for afternoon tea. Fortunately, a favourite recipe in their household is called Quick Cinnamon Buns. Constance and Hattie checked the recipe, and the cupboards, and found they did not even need to shop for ingredients, but could start right in on baking. 

They did have to substitute dried blueberries for raisins. Since Constance and her sisters love blueberries, that was no hardship at all.

Buns for Hittys_-4

They made the filling with the best ingredients that were handy.


The dough is rolled out and the filling spread on it.

The dough is rolled out and Hattie spreads the filling.

This recipe comes from an old friend, many years ago, and is in the Quimper Hitty’s handwritten recipe book of favourites.


Buns for Hittys_-6

All rolled up and ready for the oven. Cat! Be careful, we don’t like to find whiskers in our dessert.



Buns for Hittys_-7

There is great excitement when the buns come out from the oven.

The buns were ready in time for tea, and a great feast was had by all. Even though the cat was extra helpful, no whiskers were found in any of the buns, much to the girl’s relief.



13 thoughts on “Cinnamon Buns, Quick!

  1. They look delicious! And who knew there was a National Cinnamon Bun day? Is that only in Canada? I wish I’d known in time – I can be there in, oh…about 10 hours or so. Will they still be fresh and warm? Happy

  2. a quick cinnimon bun recipe?! That is very interesting. All of mine take a while. By the way everyone in my house loves Constance’s kitty cat pinny. Very fun pics and the buns look quite delicious!!

  3. When one “knows” the Quimper Hittys, it seems like there’s always a party of sorts going on…what a wonderful bunch of Hittys to know and walk through life with….especially with such tasty treats that they tempt us with and introduce us to.

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