Squaring Squares



A lot of trimming, neatening and squaring up has been going on around here!

Squared Away

Squared Away

About 250 of the early 1900’s quilt squares which a friend sent us have been trimmed to the same size…only about 50 or so to go, then we can start planning some new quilts!




18 thoughts on “Squaring Squares

  1. Oh!la!la! Is this a friend or a foe???? Soooooo much work! Surely you will create beautiful quilts! Those little squares are in luck: they waited for a century…but it was well worth it to end up in your hands!!!

  2. what a nice job…and so lovely to see them all neatly stacked in the wonderful wooden box. And of course I KNOW that the future quilts will be stunning!!!

  3. I love the idea of using old to make new and do it whenever I can!!! Cannot wait to see what you make and I already know it’ll be wonderful!! Billie

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