Flora’s Clothes

Square Linen

Square Linen

A friend gave me some very well worn linen squares…coincidentally Flora was getting cranky and chilly due to the lack of clothes!

Kite fold

Kite fold

The Quimper Hittty human had to think a bit to remember how to fold a nappy…



…but Flora is happy in her nappy….

Baby Gown

Decent at last

…and even happier with her new wee linen nightgown!

25 thoughts on “Flora’s Clothes

    • I got the strip of insertion from my mother-in law, it is from 1933 or so. The linen might be that old too. I was glad to “marry them up” Flora’s nightie needed a tiny bit of decoration, and it seemed perfect!

  1. This little one just melts my heart. You created the most darling little nighty I’ve ever seen. Flora looks so comfy, happy and ready to be rocked in that wonderful wee rocking chair that you repaired.

    • I’ve been in touch with our favourite photographer, who directed us to the Puritan Pine wood stain, so the rocking chair’s restoration is almost complete! Meanwhile, Rose is cuddling Flora in one of the other ones! I am glad you like the nighty – it was a challenging little project, but I am pleased with the result too!

  2. oh so precious. That tiny nightgown is just lovely. YOu are so very talented and little Flora is a very well cared for baby girl.

    • Thank you – the Quimper Hittys are doing their best to look after her – including getting after me to put aside some other projects and get some clothes made for the wee shivering thing!

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