There and Back Again

Crescent Lake

Crescent Lake

Constance, Eugenia, Min and Gráinne accompanied the Quimper Hitty human on a trip to Oregon last week.  On the way there we stopped at Crescent Lake on the Olympic Peninsula. Gráinne was all set to rig the quilt as a sail and shove the basket into the water for a little turn around the lake.  Min was very enthusiastic about the idea, but cooler heads prevailed, and we carried on by car.

New Girls

New Girls

When we got to Oregon, Gráinne clambered on rocks with her friend Birch, Constance picked wild strawberries, Min played with the denizens of the shore, Eugenia visited with her old friend Carline, and the human waved sharp implements about until a couple of new girls appeared. The middle two in this picture are hers,  completed with grateful thanks for the many advisings, demonstratings, and helpings of tc vollum, who made the outer two girls.  The Jelutong girl with the barrette is pretty happy to be so nearly finished, though the Plane Tree girl was such hard wood to carve that completion of her legs on this trip was not possible.

Peering towards Quimperland


We were all very excited to spot a pod of Orcas from the ferry as we steamed Northward and back again to Quimperland!

tc vollum has a delightful weekly series featuring her dolls Ellen and Pink. Click here for a peek at their latest adventure!

11 thoughts on “There and Back Again

  1. How wonderful it is to get together with friends. I’m so glad you, Eugenia, Constance, Min and Gráinne could have such a grand time….and what a plus-two more QH Cupboard friends to join the family there in QH land. The new additions look lovely. I will look forward to their names and adventures. Thanks for bringing such joy and fun.

  2. ahhhh so wonderful. Always a total delight to see additions to the Quimper Hitty family!! Congrats to the Quimper Human for such a successful adventure!

    • Thanks! We all had such a great time, and having two new dollies is wonderful! We are in love with them both and are looking forward to adding them to the mix of personalities in the cupboard!

  3. Oh My, what a wonderful fun surprise. While Grainne, Constance, Min and Eugenia were out and about exploring and having a fun holiday, two brand new Hittys were being brought into existence…they are darling.

    • Thank you! It was a wonderful chance for humans and Hittys alike to visit with friends and spend time doing what each liked best! We were not expecting two new girls to be produced on this trip, but are so happy that they were!

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