Easter Baking in Winnipeg



Tansy is spending a good long visit with a Ukrainian Canadian family, and is celebrating Easter with them, learning some of their unique traditions.  Tansy brought her apron and rolling pin on her trip to Winnipeg, because like other Quimper Hittys she is always ready to help in the preparation of special celebratory food treats… saffron and raisins are essential ingredients in this recipe.

Preparing to Bake

Preparing the Baking Pans

She was glad to learn how to make traditional Ukrainian Easter bread (her host says she calls it Paska, but that her recipe is more like a mix of Paska and Bachka) You need a columnar cooking vessel.  Most people’s Baba’s and Moms saved metal cans from years ago, and keep them for this one baking need.



Easter Bread Rises

Easter Bread Rises

The recipe is from “The Ukrainian Cookery” by Savella Stechishin, which is basically the Ukrainian-Canadian cooking “go-to” manual for recipes and traditions of all sorts. The dough rose three times for one hour each – you can imagine it that it makes Easter baking a whole-day affair.  Lots of house cleaning gets done in the inbetween.




Lots of Easter Breads

Lots of Easter Breads

It is exciting to have lots of successful Paska Breads to share!  Tansy is very pleased with the results!




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10 thoughts on “Easter Baking in Winnipeg

    • We are wondering if the Paska tastes at all like the traditional Swedish Lussekatt buns, as the ingredients appear to be similar, though the shape is different. Tansy…what do you think?

      I think we’l have to look out for that book so we can compare recipes. Fortunately we have a relative who works in a Second-hand Bookstore!

    • We agree! And we find an excellent way to appreciate the wonderful diversity of cultures is to live the ordinary daily life with a family in a different place – Tansy is so lucky!

    • She certainly is enjoying her experiences in her “home away from home”. She started out by wanting to have some fun in real snow, but wasn’t expecting to experience Winnipeg’s coldest winter in 116 years!

    • I am sure it was delicious…Tansy is wearing the first dress I made for her with fabric I bought in Houghton Michigan…the pinafore is the last scrap of a man’s shirt that was much better suited to Hitty couture.

  1. Tansy continues her wonderful adventures. She is dressed so appropriately for a baking fest! The paska does
    look very tasty. What a fun posting.

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