Patience’s Kimono

Patience is grateful for Hand-me-downs, but…

The name Patience suits this doll.  She loved this borrowed dress, made of printed fabric from the 1920’s, but yearned for her own clothes.

Patience would like to study Ikebana.

A very kind and generous lady called Kumiko was one of the carving retreat participants.  One day we went to the nearby quilt shop and bought interesting fabrics with Hittys in mind.  Kumiko purchased this Japanese fabric and whipped up a doll-sized Kimono for the carving teacher, Janet Cordell.  On the last day of the retreat, she gave each of the rest of us a little package of fabric cut into Kimono pieces, and explained how to make it up into a proper Hitty Kimono.



Sushi for dinner.

Kumiko made sushi for us for dinner one day!  It was beautiful, and delicious. Patience decided that one of her goals in life is to ride in a sushi boat.



Nishijin Rendition of the Golden Temple in Kyoto.

This woven picture was given to a distant relative in the 1920’s.  Patience admires the unique weaving technique…She thinks I might need lessons in Obi-tying. but is very happy to have her own clothes.  I enjoyed making the Kimono up – it was a little bit like fiddling with making a 3-D cloth Origami.


10 thoughts on “Patience’s Kimono

  1. Wow! You made short work of that kimono – it is beautiful!
    I had the pleasure of meeting Kumiko in Texas. She is delightful!
    I hear she makes delicious ramen noodles too!
    Hitty Patience has plenty to keep her busy, it seems…

    • Thanks, I had lovely material to work with, and the pieces all cut out – Patience is happy with the result! Though I think the Obi needs to go higher on her body – I might have to try Kumiko’s method of padding the waist a little.

    • Thank you Toad. I have enjoyed everything about it: sewing; setting up; cajoling the photographer; and writing the blog. Everyone’s kind comments are the icing on the cake (wasabi on the sushi?).

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