Yarn Pot

Playing around

Playing around

The human has been too busy to knit lately, but for a Hitty, a half done project can be as much fun as a finished one…



…both outside the yarn pot…



…and in it!



10 thoughts on “Yarn Pot

  1. Warm woollies are needed here today!

    I bought a really great knitting ball recently – it is called a Yarnit ball and it makes taking your knitting with you so much easier and stops the ball getting dirty and tangled. I will have to blog about it!

  2. Carrot Soup and her faithful feline are having great fun with your unfinished knitting… a great use of yarn!!

  3. I bet carrot soup thought your project was done…and fit her perfectly. She could cozy up inside this wonderful body snuggle and free her arms at will. Looked like she and cat were having a ball…

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