Tall Ship

A special hello today to a talented shipwright!!

Tall Ship

Tall Ship

In 2014, on a sunny summer afternoon I walked home from work with Agathe in my pocket.  Along the sea wall at Ross Bay I happened to glance toward the shore, and spotted this fabulous ship – I always wondered who made it, and where it had come from.

This afternoon I discovered its origin by sheer happenstance – I glanced to my left during my walk home and saw a similar shaped vessel with purple sails, sitting on a work bench all ready to be launched! Upon enquiry at the house, I found out that the maker is a very talented shipwright who occasionally launches his vessels at Willows Beach.  My Hittys  love the ship and have had several adventures with it …click here for Quimper Hitty blog episodes about the ship!

Chance is a wonderful thing!



The likely passage of the Tall Ship from Willows Beach (on the left) to its running aground in Ross Bay near Clover Point. An 8km voyage!

12 thoughts on “Tall Ship

  1. Goodness what serendipity!! to find the shipwright and the answer to the mystery of your ship. I have so enjoyed the girls and their adventures on that ship!

    • We were so lucky – first to find the ship and then to notice the workshop of the shipwright on a random street we hadn’t walked along before! We are happy to know more of the “backstory”! It makes us so happy!

    • I keep thinking – what if I had been walking down the other side of the street, and what if I hadn’t happened to look to the side at that moment! Fortuitous indeed!

  2. Don’t know how I missed these wonderful stories. I bet you couldn’t believe your eyes when you found that Hitty sized ship beached on the rocks. I can just imagine how shocked you and the Hittys had to be. I couldn’t understand the shipwright (hope I’m using that word correctly) making such a beautiful vessels and then launching them, knowing he might not see them again…and then on second thought I mused that he loved these ships so much that they were being launched as a ship should be. Set free to sail the sea. That was enough for him to contemplate about where they go and who finds them. I know there is a lesson in here for letting go and trusting things end up where they are meant to be. How beautiful. Hopefully when you had this mystery solved he saw your stories with his tall ships and was able to enjoy his artwork on an unimaginable level. What twists and turns life has in store.

    • I could not believe my eyes when I first saw the ship at the waterline! I was so glad I had Agathe in my pocket and my camera on hand to record the actual momentous moment! And yesterday I honestly stood in shock on the sidewalk when I saw the sister vessel in its slip!

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