Tussie Mussie Girls

Two Bouquets

Two Bouquets

The Hitty’s favourite photographer has been out of town on an adventure with Tansy for three weeks, and happily they have returned safely to the Hitty Cupboard! They brought us two pretty little bouquets (Tussie-mussies), and two of the girls hopped right in.

Tatty Colours

Tatty Colours

…Tattie favoured the bluey one…

Carrot Soup Colours

Carrot Soup Colours

…and Carrot Soup adored the orange!!





14 thoughts on “Tussie Mussie Girls

  1. Carrot soup has the sweetest doll face I have ever seen. I look forward to your blog post everyday!.
    Mary y rock hill

  2. They say that flowers actually speak. Seeing this story makes me think about that. Certainly they speak in a language that is heard with the heart. These two bouquets tell about love that is given and received. How lovely.

    • I think that Hittys can hear flower speech – some is elegantly rosy, some frivolously carnationish and some dainty like baby’s breath…I expect the dolls chose their bouquets as much for the flower’s poetry as for the colour – wouldn’t you love to hear it too?

  3. Good news that the Hittys favorite photographer (and Tansy!) have returned safely and bearing gifts of flowers.
    I am thinking we will be hearing more from Tansy regarding her adventures. And of course your girls are the sweetest blossoms in those bouquets.

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