Perdita, Rose

Lost in a good book


Perdita got lost in a good book…



…but was distracted by her sister Rose…




…who worried that she spent so much time alone.



They finished the book together.

13 thoughts on “Perdita, Rose

  1. You’re never alone with a good book…but I think Rose’s example of a generous friend joining rather than trying to tempt away is a grand lesson for Hittys and Humans alike. I shall remember to employ it. Grateful!

  2. The best kind of a friend or sister is one who meets you where you are. Rose bringing Perdita that pink rose and reading the book with her was so endearing. That’s why I love Hittys.

  3. what a kind and sweet HItty your Rose is. And what a lovely serene lady Perdita is. And of course…reading a good book is always a wonderful pastime. Alone or with good company.

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