Magical Cats

The Magical Cats of St Denis

Hattie introduced Linnea to the magical cats of St Denis!

Lap Cats

The magical cats condescended to ornament the Hitty laps…



House Cat

…until Siyah decided to join the feline fun…




…whereupon the magical cats fled to the Hittys bed…




…and couldn’t be lured out again, not even with cream or cheese!



6 thoughts on “Magical Cats

  1. Siyah, is obviously a feline who knows something wonderful when she sees it. Those magical cats ought to befriend her before she spies that yummy cream and cheese.

  2. Lovely!! The magical cats are indeed magical…and Siyah is a beauty and of course capable of her own magic. After all she enchanted you guys into adopting her!! Wonderful photos.

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