Shopping for Eggs



Tuesday was commissioned by Jane to buy a half dozen eggs at the store…




Gracia suggested one giant egg instead!




Jane thought it would probably work in her lemon pudding recipe…




…and it did!



11 thoughts on “Shopping for Eggs

  1. That very large egg brought back memories. Lived on a farm growing up and sometimes we cooked with goose eggs! Jane has certainly been busy. The Hittys are lucky to have such an industrious baker in their kitchen!

  2. Oh, I wonder if it was a goose egg? Whatever it was, it made an excellent pudding!
    The Hittys are very lucky to have Jane, they can’t imagine life in the cupboard without her, and neither can I actually – she is the oldest doll in the family, and has lived with us since before Hittys were even dreamed of.

  3. Our last remaining goose died last month, but we used all their eggs for spring baking. Though huge next to a hen egg, they were about as long as my hand, so I reckon this must be a dinosaur egg…..
    What a wonderful pudding, Jane! You certainly are a great cook!

      • Aha! The Not-Quite-Hitty girls are most relieved to know that there is no danger of one of their friends running into a herd of dinosaurs of uncertain temperament.

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