Two Nests

Flower Stem

A wind storm knocked some plants down…






Cedar Frond

…Briar and Arianell helped to clean off the deck…



Cedar Cone

…and the steps…



Cedar Twig

…and railings.



Wasp Nest

A wasp nest got knocked down too…



Hummingbird Nest

…and a hummingbird nest.




A little storm can be devastating to little beings, but the Hummingbird chicks had probably already fledged, and the wasps can easily make a new nest.



10 thoughts on “Two Nests

  1. It’s great that Arianell and Briar helped in the clearing up…I can’t imagine how challenging it must have been for the small winged birds and insects but perhaps they just take in stride. The photo of the hummingbird nest was most interesting having never seen one before.

  2. Briar is such a helpful little wooden…Arianell must have appreciated another pair of hands in the cleanup. Fingers crossed the nest was empty…but thankfully woodens can’t feel wasp stings. YIPES!!!

  3. I am glad they could help clean up. The humming bird next looks like something the Hittys or a little person could find useful. Such amazing work. I am glad to see the Hittys putting the quilt I sent to work! I need to make some more. It is a bit of a miracle when I get something completed. I have way more ideas than time, and the lupus puts me into magical sleeps often. I must be related to Sleeping Beauty. LOL Thank you for another charming respite with your story.

    • The Hittys absolutely love the quilt you made, it keeps them warm when chilly, pads them against the wicker base of the basket, an cheers them up every time they see it! We think of you often, and are glad you are cheered by the Quimper Hitty comings and goings!

  4. Such busy girls and so efficient, Enjoyed seeing that little wasp nest. Happy that no one was stung. Every fall we find little hummingbird nests..the ones here are usually made from grass and quite fragile…sometimes they are lined with dog hair from where we brush the dogs in the yardl Always fascinating

    • Aren’t the hummingbird nests so tiny! We marvel at them and the ingenuity and energy they represent…the girls are always finding out new things right in their own backyard (and front porch!)

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