In like a Lion

Dent de Leon

Constance was pleased to see that March is coming in like a very small and well-behaved lion…



…despite a tremendous storm last night with 70 km/h blasts of wind that shook the house and caused power outages!






7 thoughts on “In like a Lion

  1. Spring in Quimperland comes long before it does here in Eastern Pa…it’s wonderful to see the daffodils, the fungus amongus, the sprouting buds and the chickens out about. We are in the throes of an intense Nor-Easter exactly like what you described in your area. The winds are crazy with gusts 70 miles an hour and pouring down rain that will turn into a wet snowstorm. That’s brings on power outages.
    OOFTA !!!! ( my grandfather always used that Swedish expression)

    Pet food, water and batteries are in place…Yes in that order…pets first.

    The Woodsbluff hittys are calm and they keep us from getting too alarmed.

  2. My old timey neighbors here in the country said they were the first greens and very welcome after a winter of only canned foods.

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