Special Things

Beautiful Box

We found a beautiful box; the Quimper Hittys love the hand-painting rosemåling on it! Constance thought it would be a good size to preserve special Hitty things…


Mary Ann thinks that is a great idea, and fetches her favourite book…



Rolling Pin

Hattie supposes that she could store her favourite rolling pin in the box, though access is slightly awkward.



Favourite Person

The twins each want to put their favourite person in…




…and the cat thinks it might be a good place to store fish…



…but Constance over-rides everyone because the box is a perfect size to be a Hitty blanket chest.





14 thoughts on “Special Things

  1. What a fantastic find. The box is beautiful. I agree with Constance that it’s perfect for Hitty sized blankets… but… How precious that the twins put one another in as their favorite thing. A-w-w-w

    • We were shocked at the price – they were asking way too little for a hand made dove-tailed and expertly painted box! Those twins, they know some truths that the rest of us take ages to learn!

  2. It is a lovely box to store those special things in. I’m glad Constance won over with the quilts. Fish and other items stored together just wouldn’t lend themselves to hospitality in your welcoming QH household.

  3. A perfect blanket chest! Constance is a wise Hitty ..I am glad the others deferred to her wishes. Hope that Cat finds a new place for the fish!!

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