Pancake Day 2015



Agathe and Opal are making a special Fat Tuesday pancake…The recipe to feed two is: two eggs, half a cup of milk, half a cup of flour – that’s it.  It is easily doubled for four people.

To make the pancake, first turn the oven on to 400 F, put a couple of Tablespoons of butter into a frying pan, and the frying pan in the oven while it comes up to temperature.



Meanwhile, crack the eggs and put them into a blender, blend for one minute.





Add the milk slowly and blend for one more minute, and then add the flour a bit at a time and blend for one more minute…pour the batter into the hot buttery pan, and return it to the oven for 25 minutes.



Bake until puffed-up and fabulous-looking, and eat immediately with yoghurt, berries and Maple syrup!



19 thoughts on “Pancake Day 2015

  1. That’s it girls! You are hired!!!! This scrumptious pancake would make a Noth Eastern day start on a smile and a happy tummy!!! And if you made it a tad bigger, it might even cover some of the snow!

  2. Happy Paczki Day, too! We Polish like to challenge our arteries with those wonderful stuffed donuts. My favorite is the custard. This sounds so good and seems like a variety of fillings would be great with it. What if your pans have handles that won’t withstand the heat?

  3. I love Agatha and Opal! They are such fun to see cooking/baking! Looking forward to trying their Fat Tuesday Pancakes. Thank you for sharing!

    • Thank you! They are enjoying each other’s company while Opal is on her extended visit to us. It is sometimes hard to keep the pair of them busy enough, but setting them loose in the kitchen has so far yielded good results!

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