Old Town

Dress Shop

Arianell went to work with me today, and spent the early morning wandering around in the Old Town part of the exhibits…






…she wondered what it would have been like to be a shop girl in 1910 or so…




…and she peered in at the window of the China Shop…




…and she enjoyed sitting out on the boardwalk outside the Hotel.

This is a link to the Old Town Gallery at the Royal BC Museum: History





3 thoughts on “Old Town

  1. What an outstanding place to roam around in. It sounds and looks like a remarkable place to dream and wander. How nice that Arianell was able to accompany you to work.

  2. I so enjoy seeing your girls viewing exhibits at the museum. Arianell looks right at home in all those quaint old-fashioned settings. Just lovely. Reminds me of Mahitabel times.

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