Opera and Scones


Constance is listening to The Barber of Seville, a very jolly opera…It is great to escape from reality for an afternoon, but something is missing…




Fortunately Jane is baking scones….




…she added some chopped up kumquat…




…and cranberries.




Oh, Jane you are so thoughtful…




Tea and scones, and opera…could it be a more perfect afternoon!






16 thoughts on “Opera and Scones

  1. What could be more perfect, indeed. The addition of a lace tray-mat? and is that not a cuckoo clock in the kitchen for Jane to time her treats by? Dear Jane.

  2. Mmmm, it’s not just opera-listening that requires a teatime treat. It has been pouring with rain for days now, and I feel the pull of the mixing bowl and oven! I shall toast the Hittys with a cup of Russian caravan tea and a spiced apple cake 🙂

  3. That snug chair and pillow add much too to the already enriched scenes. Thank you for such a splendid view of opera listening.

    • We always enjoy the Barber of Seville – love the jolly tomfoolery and silly tricks in the story, the musical earworms, and the memory of seeing it live once or twice. Comfy chair, aromatic pillow, tea and scones were the icing on the cake!

  4. Mmmm that sounds so good. We like orange cranberry scones too. We can’t help ourselves and drizzle glaze on top of them. Our hittys love the aroma of the house when they come out of the oven. I think we have all the ingredient’s…so guess what I am going to do now?

  5. oh my how perfect. Jane inspired me to bake cinnamon rolls ….and then retire to my easy chair with a cup of tea, a warm roll and a good book. Almost as good as opera and scones.

    • Cups of tea and warm rolls (or scones with or without glaze, or spiced apple cake) are an excellent beginning to an afternoon in the easy chair, and only made more delightful with the opera on the radio, or a good book within reach!

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