February Garden


It is still winter in some parts of the garden…




…the cat’s water dish is frozen…




…and the steps are frosty.




But the snowdrops are busy growing in another corner…



Daffodil and Hyacinth

…and the windowsill is looking beautiful!



16 thoughts on “February Garden

  1. Although sunny here today, flowers will not show their pretty faces for a couple of months yet so yes, it is delightful to see such beauty in your region and as noted, with such a pretty outfit on your lovely wooden doll.

  2. Ah!!!!! There is hope! Spring is out there, somewhere. Lovely outfit, beautiful wooden and wonderful flowers coming! Thank you for reminding those of us still under a significant snow cover.

  3. What lovely and serene photos and story. Hitty Arianell (Am I right?) has such a beautiful smile, which appears at the right moment. Thank you,
    Celia C

    • This is Aurelia, who is happy that you like her smile – She and I are both glad that TC Vollum was able to rescue her smile from the dreadful splitty mangled carving that I was trying to do!

      • Ah, Aurelia…thanks. Oh, yes, ATC miraculously saved the smile! The same way Janet has done for Hittys here!
        Fung and I are going to class in Vestavia Hills next week, and we can hardly wait. Sorry we won’t get to see you there.

  4. The snow has almost all melted away here but no luck in seeing spring flowers peeking up from underneath the snow. One more month and that will change. So hopeful viewing Quimperland in what’s ahead.

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