Linnea’s Broken Leg

Jade Tree

Linnea was sad because she had a broken leg…



Flying Chair

…but her little girl made her a flying chair so now she has to go in this flying chair!




But her leg wasn’t really broken – see!





10 thoughts on “Linnea’s Broken Leg

  1. we all could use a flying chair from time to time. How lovely that Linnea’s little person has provided one for her. We are also happy to see her leg is not broken.

    • There have been broken legs in this Hitty family before – one was the result of Hitty Hatty being strongly encouraged to sit astride a wooden horse…but all turned out well, this is a good house for small wooden disasters to occur in, as I have tools, equipment and supplies for mending wooden dolls. We definitely love the flying chair idea though as an interim measure!

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