Fine Stitching

Constance is busy sewing some beautiful vintage fabric…



…it is fun but challenging, especially when the cat wants to help!






10 thoughts on “Stitching

  1. I see that the Hitty’s cat has the same behavior’s and traits that our pet cats have. So, amusing. The vintage fabric that Constance is working on is gorgeous.

    • Thank you very much…we caught the light at exactly the moment and caught the picture just how we wanted it. Constance does seem to have a magic touch! Perhaps it does come from her faithful little black shadow!

  2. I have a new Hitty naimed Haida. She looks like Tephora. I had her carved by a Jacksonville carver named Jerry Greer using a photo from your blog. I painted her face. I also bought a doll he had previously carved and named her Wren. They are Haida clan. Recently completed a ceremonial button blanket for Haida using photo from Tephra’s reference. I really like all the pictures and stories. Wish I could knit. Haida ,Wren, and Hitty live in a doll house together with a fur suited Alaska doll from Anchorage. Hitty Lee is a Gail Wilson doll from 2014. Thought one would do until I sawTephra!

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