Perdita Gardens


Perdita gazed out the window and felt the allure of the garden…




…she put on her gardening apron and filled the pockets with tools.



Snapdragons and Nasturtiums

This year we hollowed out the apple tree stump and filled it with dirt…then Perdita helped me plant it with Snapdragons and Nasturtiums.




We watered the seedlings…




Then built a chicken-proof (we hope) fence!

All we have to do now is wait, water, and watch!




10 thoughts on “Perdita Gardens

  1. It’s so nice to see Perdita. She looks like springtime herself…in that wonderful garden apron. Julie and my favorite flower pots are tree stumps…they look gorgeous when folks plant in them like you are doing.

    • We love the idea of a tree stump planter too – we had to wait a few years until the core was punky enough to chip out, but this year it is!
      The apron and tools were a gift from a Hitty friend, and we use them every year!

  2. What a great idea! Thank you Perdita and QH human for alerting us to alternatives to pots. Yes, it is nice to see Perdita once again. She’s a lovely young wooden.

    • We saw a photo of a planter done this way, and hoped it would work with our very own tree stump…I think it will! Perdita is very shy, but enjoys herself once she does emerge from the cupboard!

  3. Really nice photos. So peaceful. My girls are quite envious of Perditas gardening tools! We hope that the seeds sprout and flourish!

    • Thanks – we had a lovely afternoon in the garden! We decided to go for bedding plants this year, in hopes of more immediate results…if only the marauding chickens stay away long enough for the plants to take root!

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