Pleated Pinafore


Agathe pats the hedgehog

Agathe pats the hedgehog

 I made Agathe’s pinafore a few years ago when friends on “Hittygirls” were making Hitty clothing out of men’s shirts… I did love the colour of that particular orange and red check shirt, but it turned out to be polyester, and very difficult to work with (polyester doesn’t stay where it is supposed to when you press it into shape, unless you practically melt it). So I managed to make this single garment, and got rid of the rest of the polyester shirt. Almost all the girls have worn this pinafore at one time or another, but it seems to have found a permanent home with Agathe.

A Hitty friend recently enquired about it, so I’ve made another (out of cotton!) photographing, and attempting to explain the process.   A Gallery format means you click on any image, and then use right and left arrows to cycle through the images, and click the “x”  in the top right corner to get back to the blog.

You might have noticed that Agathe’s shift is made in the same pattern, out of white linen, using lace as the top edging on the front, and sewn up the back. You might also notice that I inserted rick rack into the pleats on Agathe’s pinafore, and that hers closes with a button from the original shirt and a buttonhole.  There are lots of possibilities!

Hopefully anyone wanting to make one similar will be able to figure it out!


15 thoughts on “Pleated Pinafore

  1. thank you for this. I struggle with my sewing and appreciate something so clearly explained. Will let you know if any of the Country HIttys are acquire a new pinny in the future.

  2. THANK YOU!!!! Our person will be directed to make us each one of these superb pinnies. We have waist aprons for cooking in, but these would make a lovely additon to our wardrobes for when we are working in the garden etc. They are pretty but practical.
    In the photos, Agathe’s pinny always looks as though it is made of fine cotton and it is an exquisite colour combination. So cheerful.
    Best wishes,
    Mary Not-Quite-Hitty

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