Spring Cleaning


Jane decided her kitchen needed some attention…




…so she attacked the dust…





…straightened the cupboard…




…washed every dish and pot…




…and mopped the floor.




After all that work, she was exhausted but proud of her shining domain, and decided she deserved a restorative….





…glass of wine!!



14 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. I would be happy to provide a glass of wine if she would be willing to come and clean my kitchen. LOL! Great work Jane!

  2. too funny…there I was expecting her to relax with nice cuppa tea but NO!!! A lovely glass of wine instead. Well done Jane!!! Now if only she could come visit me and get my kitchen gleaming and organized!!

  3. Why is it that I enjoy cleaning the Hitty’s kitchen, Livingroom, bedrooms, and their outdoor garden but never find that same kind of pleasure cleaning my own rooms?

    • The Hitty cupboard is not very big. My Hittys tell me that taking pleasure in little things is important, the big things are sometimes overwhelming. Jane is good at noticing every small accomplishment!

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