July Morning


Constance and Clara June climbed up to the porch…






…and gazed at the Agapanthus.


10 thoughts on “July Morning

  1. How wonderful to have such beauty to gaze upon after the trek up the stairs with their little wooden legs. Oh how lovely it is to sit and view the beauty of nature with a friend.

  2. That staircase is awesome.
    I have wonderful memories of being with my Aunt Mary Anne in California viewing her beloved Agapanthus patch…as a small child I loved saying that word.

  3. that is a such a calming and lovely scene….the two friends sitting together on their lovely bench. Looking out over some lovely flowers. My girls are all wishing they could join them.

  4. It was lovely and peaceful on the porch, whether enjoying a delicious lunch or just sitting peacefully and enjoying the bees going about their gathering duties while visiting the many beautiful flowers.

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