Botanical July


The Quimper Hittys and the Huron County Hittys shared a basket…





Botanical Beach

…which the humans carried to Botanical Beach!



Sea of Mussels

They sat on an island in a sea of mussels…




…they climbed up a salty waterfall…



Tide Pool

…and gazed into the deep well of a tide pool.




Gráinne shared a fortifying snack before they climbed back up the hill to the parking lot.


8 thoughts on “Botanical July

  1. Grainne’s snack made me laugh! So appropriate for a budding pirate lass. The trip to the beach was fascinating…so many mussels?!!! What an amazing place the Quimper Hittys live in.

  2. YES! Grainne’s snack was a riot…so funny and so like Grainne. Sharing a basket full with Hittys is so special…I’m sure the Huron family was as mesmerized with this beautiful area as am I. Just lovely.

  3. We all really enjoyed the wonders of the day, and have been sleeping very well at night! These are very nice guests to have around, appreciative and enthusiastic as well as hardy walkers (and basket-riders)!

  4. An amazing adventure! The Hittys enjoyed seeing sea urchins and anemones as well as tiny crabs scuttling about in the tide pools.The plants and trees along the way were a feast for the eyes, and of course the company was the very best.

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